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Michael Spronck began his art training at the age of 75, registering as an undergraduate in Fine Arts at the University of Georgia. A graduate of the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, he had been a long-time "gallery hopper" and collector.

His lifetime work as a business magazine editor, and later as a management consultant enabled him to travel extensively, visiting galleries and museums world wide. He credits his fundamental artistic skills to the reading and study of scores of art books, attending intensive art workshops, and endless, enjoyable hours of painting.

Describing his artistic journey, Mike says:
“As a young man, I was an avid photographer — shooting hundreds of portraits of family and friends and everything in my hometown from playgrounds and parks to factories and refineries. The waterfronts, with their marinas, shipyards, and beaches were a magnificent source of images.

By joining the high-school photo club and the local amateur society, I was able to work for and study under Jack Hepner, a professional photographer. Later, I became a commercial photographer – learning the fundamentals of line, contour, shape, value, and the principles of pleasing composition. Winning a few salon awards inclined me to study the work of classical art masters.

At the same time, my “artistic” interests led me to writing for the school newspaper and yearbook. My first job after graduating college was as a writer for a national magazine. Through the years I advanced in editorial positions providing both copy and photos for my articles. 

Leaving this career at 43, I spent the next two decades as a management consultant. But I continued writing and photography as an avocation; and visited art galleries and museums in my free time.

At 75 years of age, I decided to become a “serious painter”. I registered at the University of Georgia as an undergraduate in Fine Arts. I soon realized however that I needed to learn much more and faster. So, I embarked on an intensive program of self-study and workshop courses offered by successful artists*.

Diligently, I devoted a year each to drawing, pastels, watercolor, acrylic, and oils—with varying subjects. At the end of this “five-year art-study program”, I decided to focus on oil landscapes.”

*Artists I have studied with: Armand Cabrera, Charles Warnock, Brian Baugh, Leigh Ellis, Robert Osborn, Peter Brown, Martha Lower, Susan Pelham, Joe Loccisano, Bettie Miller, Larry Forte, Sally Hundley, Joan Stern, Tony Cleto, Donna Kriekle, Phil Taylor, Ouida Williams, Cassandra Jones, Michael White, Gary Weiss.