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Consider Monet's “Water lilies” as a reflection of his life. Imagine the panorama of his themes as phases of life. Consider the shadows and depths of the waters as darker episodes at some points in life... contrasted by bright water lilies evolving from the deep surface. Notice the vanishing pathways toward the unknown... 

Such panorama of colors and themes with different meanings comes to my mind when I look at my own art and the past. Surrounded by nature I developed very early in my childhood a natural liking for drawing skies, plants and anything nature could offer. Schooling and friendships intensified those skills through regular sessions of viewing the visual arts, mainly the Classics. 

I also studied drawing in Evening classes at the prestigious art school of the “Folkwang Schule in Essen, Germany. While I was l attending the Ober-Lyzeum in Essen- Bredeney , I studied the Visional Arts as an extra curriculum subject. Part of my works was supposed to have been safeguarded in Southern Germany. Yet, ironically it was destroyed.

What seemed to be well planed and well set, turned into an episode: World War II had its impact...

I dealt was new realities and priorities. Art was no longer on my mind. Instead I studied agricultural economics at the “Rheinische Friedrich Wilhelm Universitaet” in Bonn , Germany and received my doctorate of agriculture with a “magna cum laude” in 1955.

While an invitation to the University of Chicago for research in 1958 and 1959 led to professional publications, that year also unfolded in a new life with new outlooks: I married Richard Timberlake, a monetary Economist . Our journey got me eventually back to the arts that I had left for so long.

The panorama of my art is versatile. Flowers were welcome any time. Orchids are favored, not only being exquisite, but also astonishing in their ability to survive even in the Himalayas and the niches of the Oceans.

Observing the skies , the seasons and weather phenomena , the violent and extremes climates of the New World are fascinating to me, coming from the mild and moderate climate of Europe .

Looking at my recent art works, I am increasingly attracted to the Eastern World and its long history and culture, its landscapes, and the visual arts. Featuring such themes on marble, is my newest challenge. 

I cherish my husband's ability to give interesting titles to many different paintings and features. I also I thank my sons, Chris and Tom for sharing with me their special interests, such as piloting big and fast air planes, not to mention meteorological phenomena, the skies and space.

Not to avoid in life and its journey are events beyond our control. Wars and other tragic events may chatter hopes and goals, - as “September 11” . indicates . Too often such impact is very personal and determines our perception and judgment. Yet, “The Rising Phoenix” reminds us of our endurance, hope and challenge throughout history. 

My paintings mirror light and happy moments, besides of seemingly empty spaces, indicating long periods of departure from the arts. However, I personal feel, that they enriched my later paintings. To what degree it happened, cannot be "measured", but remains in the "eyes of the beholder". 

Hildegard Timberlake