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Art Exhibitions and Quotations

One-artist Exhibitions:
State Botanical Garden of Georgia
UGA Ecology Building

Participated Exhibitions:
Chateau Élan
Goethe Institute and Cultural Center
Lyndon House Art Center
Oconee Culture Center
Madison Museum of Art
Athens Regional Library
Georgia Museum of Art
Athens Academy
Leeds Gallery of Athens
Athens Martial Arts Club

Art Education:
Folkwang Schule (Germany),
UGA Course Drawing by invitation
Georgia Center for Continuing Education
Private courses

Quotations and Abstracts: 
“Among the most outstanding still-life compositions are Hildegard Timberlake’s beautiful pastel, semi-abstractions of flowers. Timberlake is a master painter. Her purposeful, graphic brushwork flowing acrylic washes build lyrical color spaces that reflect her subjective visualizations of being. Her work is a kind of visual poetry. Colors are her sounds, and the brush records the meter of the verse.” C. Bickley-Green, Athens Banner-Herald, May 10, 1986.

“Hildegard Timberlake exhibits a masterful pair of paintings that explore the visual rhythms of foliage and flowers. The scale of the paintings and deliberate, informed brushwork give the compositions are decisiveness that is rare. She works in transparent layers of acrylic paint with contrasting warm and cool colors to present the unit between space and form.” C. Brickey-Green, Athens Banner-Herald, Oct. 4, 1986